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Jun Tochizawa : "Man and Woman"

Unexpected discovery ! With its unique Tanukzilla cover art and contagious pop tunes... Read more>

Superpoze Audiophile tour in Poitiers

Try to book your ticket for an audiophile listening session with the artist !... Read more>

One foot in Quadran's studio

Ebay auction with professional equipment from Philippe Van Mullem's personal collection...
Read more>

Mix Plexus#1 by Black Bass

Your DJ Set, ready to play...
Read more>

Lex (de Kalhex) Showcase

Thursday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m., meet for a live beatmaking SP404 by Lex (from Kalhex)! A unique showcase... Read more>

Hampton Hawes : All the things you are

Rare Hampton Hawes Japanese session with the best Japanese musicians... Read more >

Steve Kuhn

Sometimes disconcerting, sometimes dissonant, he can be off-putting... but impossible to ignore his incredible sensitivity... Read more >

Kayamo Yumizuki : Ballades in a grotto "HA Ru E"

Obscure Private Press recorded "live" in a Minami-Urawa private club by a passionate jazz doctor ! 80's Spiritual Jazz gem... Read more >

Dome Brown Innovations

A unique sound experience under a "Brown Innovations" dome : the headphones individual listening sensation ... without headphones... Read more >

 Rings  cover album
Masahiko Togashi : "Rings"

There are areas to be avoided in a record collection, as in other areas. Disks to never discover if you want to keep some free time, or an healthy bank account... Read more >

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