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We are buying

Are you selling ? We are interested : vinyl records or CDs, vintage HIFI equipments...

what do we buy back ?


Vinyl records (7", 10", 12"), CDs, Cassettes

HIFI equipment

Tuners, Amplifiers, Speakers, Turntables, CD or cassettes players, Walkman & cie


Studio<br />

Studio equipment, Synthetizers, Keyboards, Tape recorder


Estimate criterias

We always set our prices according to 3 criteria :
- the physical condition (disc and cover)
- the quotation on the world market
- the size and diversity of the estimated batch

Experience & transparency

Plexus Records store is more than 15 years experienced in buying/selling vinyl, CD and HIFI. Each estimate proposal may go with a detailed report (on request).

Choose YOUR best estimation option

express estimate

Without an appointment, bring your items directly to our purchasing office in Poitiers, you will receive an answer the same day.

We will need a little more time if you bring a large quantity to estimate.


If you are unable to travel, we can do a pre-estimate via e-mail if you provide us with :

• a list of articles
• some pictures  

Plexus comes to you

For larger collections, Plexus flies across the world. We travel on request everywhere in France and abroad to buy from collectors.


How do I get a remote estimate ?

You can have your collection estimated remotely, with our free estimation-transport service :

  • First, we schedule a pick-up at your home by our carrier
  • After reception, your collection is estimated in our offices in Poitiers (France)
  • If you refuse our buy-back proposal, we return your discs to you, free of charge

100% free

You are free to accept or refuse any estimate offer.
Whatever your decision, the estimate service will remain free.

Receiving money as an intermediary

Valid only for large collections bought : this bonus "finder fee" represents 10% of the total we paid and goes to the person who let us know about a collection that led to a buy.

Secure payment

worldwide delivery 24/48h*

free from 300 € of purchase

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